Parkinson's Disease for Exercise Professionals

Level up your exercise leadership for people with Parkinson's! Our online, self-paced continuing education course is designed to deliver the specialized learning you need to create safe and targeted exercise plans for people with Parkinson’s.

Launching Fall 2022!

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Foundational knowledge about Parkinson's disease

Understanding of client (and care partner!) perspectives and lived experiences

Relationships and collaboration with other health and wellness providers in your community


Health screening and physical assessments to target the specific needs of clients with Parkinson's disease

Exercise plan design by leveraging the Parkinson's Foundation Exercise Guidelines

Exercise leadership with our proprietary B.R.A.I.N.S. Framework: Individualize and modify safe and targeted exercise plans that get results


Clients with Parkinson's to change their beliefs and behaviors about exercise

Your client's confidence in their own inner strength, grit, and resilience

Your resilience by learning tools to decrease your own stress and burnout while working with clients with chronic conditions

Course: Parkinson's Disease for Exercise Professionals

This Parkinson's Foundation Accredited Exercise Continuing Education Course is designed for exercise professionals who want the specialized learning required to competently work with people with Parkinson’s disease (PD). This self-paced, distance learning course emphasizes skills needed to work one-on-one with an individual with PD as opposed to a group. Continuing education credit applications in process for NASM/AFAA and ACE!

Meet The Instructor

 Theresa Najjar, PT, DPT, MS is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy. Join Theresa as she shares the evidence-based exercise strategies and frameworks she’s developed over her 10+ years of helping people with Parkinson’s so you can build knowledge, transform lives, and empower clients.

Launching Fall 2022

Level up your exercise leadership for people with Parkinson's! Join our waitlist to keep in the loop as this continuing education course prepares to launch!

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